1645 West 5th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V6J 1N5

Prosperous Commercial Developments

Adding value is what we do best. Equitas creates commercial marketplaces that are robust, vibrant, and prosperous, elevating 'under-appreciated' land to a higher calling.

Jericho Ridge

Langley, B.C.

Located at 72nd Avenue and 200th Street in Langley, this 6500 square foot retail facility has recently been sold after final lease-up.

Anniedale Crossing

Surrey, B.C.

Located at the northeast corner of Highway 15 and 96th Avenue in Surrey, Equitas acquired this 9-acre site for a major commercial development. Translink subsequently purchased the property as part of the Golden Ears Bridge project.

Cloverdale Business Park

Surrey, B.C.

Located at the intersection of 64th Avenue and 176th Street, this site was re-zoned on behalf of Chevron Canada Limited. After successfully meeting Chevronís needs, Equitas developed the balance of the property as a drive-thru location for McDonalds Restaurants of Canada.